Mango growers demand uniform relief of ₹30,000 per acre, fixed prices at tripartite meeting in Krishnagiri

Collector KM Sarayu chairing a meeting of mango farmers, pulp industry and the administration at the Krishnagiri Collectorate on Friday.

Collector KM Sarayu chairing a meeting of mango farmers, pulp industry and the administration at the Krishnagiri Collectorate on Friday. , Photo credit: N. BASHKARAN

A uniform relief for all mango growers at ₹30,000 per acre akin to the relief disbursement for crop loss in Cauvery delta for paddy farmers was what the mango farmers of Krishnagiri reeling under a 85% production loss demanded at the tripartite meeting held between the farmers, pulp industry and the district administration.

The meeting convened under the shadow of heavy production loss witnessed the pulp industry stating that there was no demand for pulp both domestically and globally and against a fall in demand, a fixed price for farmers would be untenable.

According to Collector KM Sarayu, a general survey was carried out and details were sent to the government, which has now asked for village wise-data. That too would be sent, Ms. Sarayu said.

The overarching demand of the farmers was protection from crop loss through a production subsidy or minimum support price for the farmers to insulate them from the loss.

KM Soundarajan of Krishnagiri Mango Farmers’ Association said, price fixing was one thing, but the immediate issue was to arrive at a uniform relief package for all farmers without going into measurements.

Survey and measurement would always end with farmers with political clout cornering relief. Hence, like the farmers of the delta, a uniform relief of ₹30,000 per acre must be given to farmers covering the 1 lakh acres in Krishnagiri, he said. These are rain-fed mango farmers and the losses are uniform, he said.

The pulp industry posted its inability to buy mangoes at a higher price claiming an overall fall in demand for pulp due to various global and domestic factors. Globally, starting for the Ukraina-Russia war, to the emergence of new manufacturing markets, the industry has taken a hit, they said. According to the industry, Mexico and Brazil were manufacturing pulp at a lesser price and there is stagnation of stock with the industry unable to export the stock.

As far as the domestic demand was concerned, the industry said, it’s only hope was the domestic buyers such as Coke, Pepsi and Parle. However, even they have reported backlog of stock from last year to be used up to its expiry period of December 2024. The big corporate buyers have now asked for pulp only for the first four months of the next year.

Last year’s procurement has not been consumed and the fresh demand is only up to 40%. Their demand has fallen from 1 lakh tonnes to 30,000 tonnes, industry spokesperson said.

The contention between the farmers and industry among other issues included the average pricing by the industry for the season as a whole and not for the varying periods of beginning, peak and end of season produce.

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