Mango arrivals in Salem market increase to 40 metric tonnes per day

The arrival of mangoes increased to Chinna Kadai Veethi in Salem Town in Tamil Nadu on Saturday, 01 June 2024.

The arrival of mangoes increased to Chinna Kadai Veethi in Salem Town in Tamil Nadu on Saturday, 01 June 2024. | Photo Credit: E. Lakshmi Narayanan

The arrival of mangoes to Salem Market has surged to 40 metric tonnes per day. Previously, due to poor rainfall, the market saw only 10 metric tonnes of mangoes per day.

Typically, the arrival of mangoes begins on March 15 and ends on June 15 in Salem Market. These mangoes come from Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Namakkal, and Salem districts. The peak period for mango arrivals is usually between the second week of April and the last week of May. However, this year, drought and poor rainfall in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts significantly affected cultivation, causing a sharp increase in mango prices in March, April, and May.

High temperatures in these districts also impacted mango cultivation. However, sudden rainfall in the first week of May boosted mango cultivation. Consequently, the daily arrival of mangoes in Salem Market, which was 10 metric tonnes in March, April, and May, has now increased to 40 metric tonnes. Mango traders, however, noted that this represents only a 30% increase in arrivals.

J. Srinivasan, a wholesale mango trader in Salem’s Chinna Kadai Veethi, stated that the cultivation of high-quality mango varieties like Malgova and Imam Basanth, which are rich in taste and suitable for export, was low this year, with arrivals drastically reduced to one to two tonnes per day. These premium mangoes are still priced high at ₹250 per kg. As the season nears its end, the arrival of medium-variety mangoes, such as Totapuri and Nadusalai, has increased in Salem Market. Currently, 40 metric tonnes of these mangoes arrive daily from the four districts in the Salem region, especially Salem district. This volume is still lower compared to the normal season arrivals of 100 metric tonnes per day. The recent heavy rains over three weeks have improved cultivation, resulting in the arrival of these 40 tonnes of mangoes. The price of Nadusalai mangoes ranges from ₹60 to ₹100 per kg, while Totapuri mangoes are priced between ₹40 and ₹100 per kg, Mr. Srinivasan added.

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